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Zama, graded by FilmMore laboratory in EclairColor HDR, to be shown during International Film Festival Rotterdam

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January, Lucrecia Martel’s highly anticipated feature film “Zama” will be shown in EclairColor, specially mastered for this purpose by renowned colorist Wouter Suyderhoud. These screenings are hosted by the IFFR, Filmmore, Eclair, CinemaNext and Lantaren Venster.

Filmmore has become the first independent postproduction facility other than Eclair to provide grading services for the stunning new HDR standard in cinema exhibition. Together with the fully optimized color pipeline, powered by EclairColor and Academy Award winning Filmlight/Truelight technology, projects can be graded and finished to the highest and most innovative standards available in the market.

Filmmore’s DI Technical Director and Color Management Specialist, Miga Bär says, "The wonderful thing about HDR is that it’s really a technical innovation that will change storytelling and creative decision-making."

Miga Bär adds,"EclairColor's unique selling point immediately seemed to be the fact that the system is based on existing DCI projection systems and doesn’t need extreme investments for exhibitors to integrate in their cinema. Once our senior colorist Martin Klein had seen the technique with his own eyes, while overseeing the EclairColor trim pass on Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone in Paris early 2017, we were convinced this amazing new technology would be the way forward for us."

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