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observatoire de la satisfaction

EclairColor Audience Survey: Perception of the EclairColor Format

According to a perception study conducted early September 2017 in France, EclairColor HDR Technology has been acclaimed by industry professionals and has received an enthusiastic welcome from the general public.

Download the EclairColor survey The study conducted by an independent organization, L’Observatoire de la Satisfaction (, shows that 97.3% of moviegoers viewing a film in EclairColor count on seeing more movies in EclairColor; and more than two thirds of moviegoers would recommend seeing a movie in EclairColor to their friends and family.

Moviegoers also spontaneously recognized the superior beauty of images shown in EclairColor: more color and more luminosity compared to standard format images. Also of note, cited in the study, screenings shown in EclairColor significantly increases the level of appreciation for an EclairColor premium film compared to a standard format. (source: Public Echo Barometer: L’Observatoire de la Satisfaction).

With EclairColor, the level of satisfaction with a film increases by 4.5 points, while the level of high satisfaction increases by 12.3 points. "Moviegoers are significantly more enthusiastic about films shown in EclairColor," the independent study confirms.

Download the full study here: