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CinemaNext Equips a first Belgian Cinema with EclairColor HDR Technology

The Kino Scala in Büllingen is the first Belgian cinema to be equipped with EclairColor HDR technology. Located in the German-speaking region of Belgium, Kino Scala now offers its viewers a unique projection quality.

"We are delighted to equip the first cinema in the German-speaking region of eastern Belgium with this technology. EclairColor is a fantastic opportunity for an exhibitorto spectacularly improve its customers’ cinema experience at a reasonable price," explains Karl-Joachim Lohkamp, Managing Director of CinemaNext Germany. "With 57 screens currently in France, 57 in Germany and now the first cinema in Belgium, the EclairColor network is growing and reaching significantly more cinemagoers".

"We are delighted that  our audiences can now enjoy their cinema experience with the best possible image quality available on the market, securing the future of cinema in our rural area," says Larissa Stoffels, one of the family business' managing directors. "EclairColor HDR technology significantly improves image projection with richer colors, more luminosity, greater contrast and a whole new depth of field that is even closer to natural vision. This technology works perfectly for both international blockbusters and arthouse movies, and that's exactly what we offer in our cinema."

For exhibitor Christian Stoffels: "Our main, 260-seatauditorium is now equipped with high-contrast EclairColor HDR technology thanks to Sony's Double Stack projection system (two Sony Digital Cinema 4K projectors). At a time when HDR is advancing very rapidly across all media, we are very pleased that Kino Scala now able to screen this type of high-contrast content. HDR is the image standard of tomorrow and with EclairColor we project an image that is much more intense and colorful than a standard cinema image. This improvement in image quality is immediately noticeable by all viewers."