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Blockbuster "The Bravest" available in EclairColor HDR in China

Distributed by Bona Film Group, the film "The Bravest" directed by Toni Chan is available in EclairColor HDR as of August 1st in 16 StarX theatres equipped with HDR technology within the Bestar cinema circuit. The integrator Great Ocean, an EclairColor-certified partner based in Beijing, was entrusted with the production of the HDR version of the film, which is the sventh feature film available in EclairColor HDR in China. 

"The Bravest" is the first film in the history of Chinese cinema featuring a team of firefighters. The brigade leader (Huang Xiaoming, seen in Ip Man 2 and The Crossing) and his team must take any risks to save the people of a coastal city when they are confronted with a particularly dangerous operation following an explosion in an oil refinery. The film is supported by a four-star cast: Yang Zi (Bodies at Rest), Jiang Du (Operation Red Sea, the third biggest hit in the history of the chinese box office), Hao Ou (Legend of the Demon Cat) and Zhua Tan (Dying to Survive).

To date, 177 cinemas have been equipped with EclairColor HDR technology, including 16  in China, 8 in the United States,  59  in France, 56 in Germany and 7 in the United Kingdom. For a complete list of cinemas and films available in EclairColor, please visit

A true revolutionary innovation combining color science with  the optimization of certain projection and display systems such as Sony Digital Cinema 4K, Barco/Cinionic and Samsung Electronics, the EclairColor HDR process is able to project on cinema screens an image of unprecedented quality. "The Bravest" is the seventh film released in EclairColor HDR in China after "Fat Buddies", "Dying to Survive", "Project Gutenberg", "Kung Fu Monster", "The Wandering Earth" and "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords".