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Eclaircolor FAQ

Is EclairColor included in a standard DCP or is it necessarily provided on a separate DCP?

It requires a separate DCP. Until an HDR DCP format is developed (and there is equipment able to read it) that includes both HDR and SDR versions in one package, the EclairColor version will be packaged in a separate DCP.

Can this be handled via mapping?

Not currently, but we will contribute to the SMPTE and DCI discussions to make that happen in the future.

Are EclairColor DCPs encrypted and secure?

Yes, they have the same format as a standard DCP, which ensures both secure and interoperable content regardless of server type. A KDM is required to run the content. That said, the EclairColor DCP has its own additional specificities and can only be projected using EclairColor technology.

Can EclairColor be used in film restoration?

The EclairColor solution can be applied to classic films regardless of the source. Unlike films that are currently in post-production, it is up to rights holders, directors and/or DPs to decide whether they wish to employ the technology or not.