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Eclaircolor FAQ

Does EclairColor require the installation of a specific projection system to work?

At this time, it does. Cinemas need to be equipped with a Sony Digital Cinema 4K R510/R515 projector or a Barco DP4K-40LHC/DP4K-20LHC, which provide a 8000 :1 contrast ratio (on screen, the "whitest white" is 8,000 times brighter than the deepest black). The goal is to achieve 30 foot Lamberts (fL) on screen to meet EclairColor’s technical specifications.

Does EclairColor work on any size screen?

Yes, it does. The current range of Sony Digital Cinema 4K (R510 and R515) and Barco projectors are compatible with any size screen up to 19 meters / 62 ft. wide. The double-stack systems work with screens 9-14 meters/ 29.5-46-ft. wide, while larger screens require quad configurations (4 projectors). These systems all come with an automatic alignment system. To play EclairColor content, the equipment will necessitate a software upgrade.

What happens if I use an EclairColor DCP in a standard projector?

The projector will not be able to play the EclairColor DCP. Standard projectors are therefore not in accordance with the superior quality of EclairColor technology.

If my cinema is already equipped with a Sony or Barco projector, can I show films in EclairColor?

It may be the case, but only if you are equipped with the most recent generation of projectors and if the projector is powerful enough to meet EclairColor’s technical specifications. The projection system will also require a software upgrade to render it compatible with EclairColor.

Can my usual system integrator install an EclairColor projector?

If your integrator has undergone the EclairColor certification program, they will be able to provide you with an EclairColor-compatible setup. Otherwise, you will need to work with a CinemaNext-approved integrator.

Will you send a technician to update the projector software?

It will be necessary to update the projector software to add the EclairColor macros. Our technicians are currently working with Sony Digital Cinema 4K and Barco on the software alterations to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. The software is key to the EclairColor digital color solution.

Will I still be able to run non-EclairColor content once you’ve installed the software?

Absolutely. Once the EclairColor software has been installed, the projector can run both EclairColor-mastered films as well as “standard” content (DCP JPEG 2000 2K/4K fully DCI-compliant). There is no risk for exhibitors in adopting EclairColor technology (open system). The same applies to trailers and other pre-show content.

Can I show 3D content in EclairColor?

Soon, but for the moment EclairColor grading is used solely on 2D content.

Do I need to change my screen to show EclairColor content?

That depends on the type of screen you already have. The decision will need to be made on a case-by-case basis with our experts, who are available to advise and answer any questions.

Does EclairColor work with a 3D-type silver screen?

We will allow EclairColor presentations in cinemas equipped with the most recent silver screen technology as long as they are certified by CinemaNext or a CinemaNext-approved integrator. We are currently working with Harkness Screens to provide the best screen solutions to cinema exhibitors running 3D content with passive systems.